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Impact Stories: One Gift Can Change Everything

Philanthropic investment can completely transform the heights students, faculty and researchers can reach. A gift can fulfill aspirations, empower talent and bring immense change to our university and our world. Explore our stories below to see the impact a single gift can create.

Sanford Stem Cell Clinical Center: Translating the Power of Stem Cells into Treatments

Stem cells are tiny, microscopic in fact. Yet they hold immense power in their ability to become almost any kind of cell in the human body. This capacity for metamorphosis means that stem cells can


Rady School of Management: Starting Up a New Kind of Entrepreneur

This was a unique opportunity—the chance to build a business school from the ground up. As one of the top 15 research universities in the world, UC San Diego had the talent. And positioned in


Jacobs Medical Center

A soft red glow emanates from the floor-to-ceiling windows as the sun makes its arc towards the sea. Joseph Cussen basks in the diffused light that slowly turns to night, then picks up the Apple iPad that sits at his bedside. With a swipe and tap of the device, he adjusts the lights and temperature and lowers the shades before settling in for the evening.


An Economist’s Fight Against Inequity

As a young boy in Western India, Karthik Muralidharan noticed the sharp contrast between the haves and have-nots. After receiving a scholarship to study abroad in Singapore, he marveled at how the country had been